Services & Fees

Individual, Relationship and Family Sessions
Group Therapy and Workshops
Consultation and Mentorship
Art Therapy Painting
In practicing anti-oppressive values as much as possible,  Xu offers 50% of their availability on a sliding scale  for Queer, Trans and BIPOC folx who are unemployed and underemployed.
Clients are invited to discuss their need for sliding-scale services with Xu during the initial session and decide on a rate that's most sustainable for their therapeutic process. This agreed-upon rate will remain the same for all individual, couples and family sessions unless other circumstances arise and a new fee agreement is needed.
For those with insurance coverage, Xu's appointments starts at $120 per 50-minute session
Xu offers group counselling and art therapy and is experienced in facilitating psychoeducational workshops. The rate for group and workshop facilitation is between $100-$150 per hour. Depending on the needs of the clients and groups, Xu will be happy to design, develop and implement a variety of therapeutic group activities that is most appropriate.  
The following are examples of therapy groups and workshops Xu have developed and facilitated in the past with positive feedback. 
  • 4-Week Art Therapy group for Anxiety and Stress Management  
  • 4-Week Counselling or Art Therapy group for Enhancing Self-Awareness and Social Accountability
  • 4-Week Art Therapy group for Exploration, Imagination, and Rediscovering Play 
  • 8-Week Counselling or Art Therapy group for Self-Compassion and Collective Care 
  • 1-Day Workshop for Integrating Anti-Oppressive Practices as Self and Community Care
  • 1-Day Workshop for Integrating Ethics of Care into Self and Community Healing
  • 1-Day Workshop for Fostering Resiliency 
  • 1-Day Workshop for Enhancing Cultural Competency in Working with LGBTQ+ People
Xu has a deep personal and professional commitment to her community and field of practice. She is honoured to provide collaborative case consultation and support for mental health professionals looking for specialized knowledge and experience in working with LGBTQ+ issues, anti-oppressive practices and trauma-informed approaches.  
She also values and offers peer mentorship and collegial support. Depending on the nature and needs of the professional seeking support, the cost based on a "pay-what-you-can" range of $30-$60 per 50-minute session.